About Zack

Zack is an international entrepreneur with a passion for people, culture,  travel, and service. His diverse portfolio of work and projects all unite with the common goal of providing great service and spreading positive messages worldwide.

Born and raised in Erie, 535012_10200525427918360_905092793_nPennsylvania, Zack always had the desire to travel since a young age. In addition to traveling to over thirty countries, he has had the opportunity to live for extended periods of time in various countries such as Mexico and Brazil. While a student at Elon University, majoring in International Studies with a focus on Latin America, he made full use of his opportunity and traveled abroad six times, becoming fluent in Spanish and Portuguese along the way.

During his time at Elon, Zack also pursued his passion for music and started his own radio show, called Mellow Mood, to showcase reggae music from around the world and to support bands that he had met personally. While living in Brazil, he learned how to DJ in the clubs as well as the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. He selected music with the intention of creating the perfect vibe for human connection, peace, and happiness.

After graduating from Elon University, Zack started his own real estate company called Roots Rock Realty, which focuses on the acquisition, renovation, and management of residential investment properties. Zack also works with other property owners to advertise, market, and lease their properties.

Following his interest in higher education and study abroad, Zack began working for CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange) at their office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His position at CIEE allows him to share his passion for people, culture, travel, and service with students from the top universities in the United States. Working directly with community leaders engaged in all aspects of life in Rio de Janeiro, Zack has developed a rich network throughout Brazil and worldwide.

In 2014, Zack started his promotions and marketing company, spreadRroots, with the goal of spreading positive ideas and messages throughout the world and to help artists and individuals reach their true global potential. That same year spreadRroots, grew another branch called Roots Rio, which is a lifestyle brand specifically designed to connect the culture and lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro with the rest of the world. The joint efforts of spreadRroots and Roots Rio, as well as the collaboration with an array of artists, have created numerous events, concerts, albums, music videos, clothing, and documentaries.